10 Reasons to Learn

Learning how to sail can be exhilarating, challenging and fun...

Considering taking up sailing? Well, there are many reasons why you should learn how to sail. Sailing is an invigorating sport that offers many rewards, not the least of which is that it’s simply so much fun. Imagine white sails billowing against a clear sky, the brisk feel of the breeze on your face, and the gentle motions of the boat as it cleanly slices through the water. Sailing aficionados often say that sailing is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle.
Releases stress

Research shows that sailors experience their time on the water as an excellent stress-reducing activity. Leave the office and unwind on the water.

Keep in shape

Sailing is not only relaxing, it is a natural and enjoyable way of keeping mentally and physically fit.

Less is more

Not only physically, but also financially sailing is now within your reach. Did you always think sailing is just for the happy few?

Quality time

Sailing is one of the most popular leisure activities, followed by fishing, hiking and cycling.

Personal growth

Sailing will give you opportunities for personal growth. Acquire Self-Confidence, Spacial Awareness, a Sense of Direction, Weather Knowledge and Shipshape habits.

Develop a Passion

Learning to sail can lead to a new lifelong passion.

Prepare your next vacation

Learning to sail might be the gateway to your next great vacation: sailing around the Bahamas, Corsica, or the Baleares.

Sailing is fun

Learning to sail is more fun than learning to sell.

Sailing can be very romantic

Learning to sail is a great way for you to meet potential partners, either members of the opposite or same sex, or to take your current significant other on a great romantic getaway.

Be ecological on the water

Learning to sail will lead you to greener recreation since sailing burns no fossil fuels.