Sailing Permit

Where to apply for the permit?

Geneva: Office cantonal des véhicules. Tél : 022/388.30.30 /
Vaud: Service des automobiles et de la navigation du canton de Vaud . Tél : 021/316.82.10 /

Which category do I choose?

Motor boat: category A
Sailboat: category D

Minimal age

Motor boat: 18 years old
Sailboat: 14 years old

Documents to have

ID card or passport (for Swiss citizens), “permis de séjour” or “permis d’établissement” (for foreigners), “carte de légitimation” issued by the DFAE (for international organisations staff), a color passport photo, and CHF 265.- for administrative fees in Geneva.

Steps to obtain the permit and deadlines

First step: Theoretical exam. You have 12 months (canton Geneva) from the day you apply for the permit to pass the Theory exam (Passing requirements: 4 mistakes maximum out of 60 questions)
Second step: Practical exam. Once you pass the theoretical exam you have 18 months to pass the practical exam (canton Geneva).