What my students say!

Thanks very much for such a great intro to sailing on Friday. We’ll be there tomorrow for the 6:30 session. CheersJosh

First sailing lesson yesterday…
Instructive and fun at the same time.
We all had a great time. Can’t wait to start all over again.
Thank you Patrick !Chryso

I’ve been out sailing with Patrick and strongly recommend him if you’re interested in lessons.Greg

Thanks for taking Florian and me out last Wednesday. If you want a testimonial for the website, I’ll be happy to let everybody know that you are a very knowledgeable, experienced and personable captain. The Tiburon is a great boat for lake sailing. I had a fantastic time and look forward to going and learning again.Skip

Dear Patrick,
Glad that you are back!
I’d love to enjoy a few more of your -excellent, professional yet relaxed- sailing lessons…
See you soon!Sary